Not only am I a sober DJ, I'm also a non-smoker. I was smoking for 15 years, and then I quit, accidentally. Since then I've met so many people who try hard to quit, but usually fail. I've also seen some, who quickly replaced this addiction with another one. Allthough I remember clearly how on one particular morning 15 years ago I didn't light up my traditional cigarette before breakfast, I'm not quite sure what actually happened THE NIGHT BEFORE. It was a nice little town in the Western Germany, me and my partner played a dj-set, and it was wild. Now, there's wild and there's WILD. This was particularly WILD. And crazy.

I think I remember two things, first, there was this girl from Belorussia with some hardcore homemade potato vodka, who, just like in the Beatles' song, "came in through the bathroom window", as our show was sold out and the wouldn't let more people in. So we drank for that. And then the local promoter suggested to pay us not in euros, but in cocaine. That's it. No more memories from that night. Anyway, i felt so sick in the morning I just couldn't smoke. Since then I've never had another cigarette

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