If you are a non-drinking DJ like me, in the end of the night you are probably one of the very few sober persons in the room. And when you wake up some hours later, you still have vivid recollections of the last half an hour of your set.... Saturday morning around six at the Badehaus Berlin there were two survivors on the dancefloor. Well, technically only one of them was dancing. Each time a new song started, he would come up to me, shake my hand and look me straight in the eyes. He was so drunk he couldn't speak, so it was pure telepathy - I knew he wanted to thank me for every track and he looked so happy as if it would be exactly what he wanted to hear. Then he would walk in circles smiling broadly and throwing his hands in the air triumphantly, that was his dance style. The other guy was standing quite close to me. He was so loaded he would fall asleep every couple of minutes, and then every time the same thing happened: his pants would fall down, and then in his sleep he would bow deeper and deeper, until his head would bang into the dj-booth. I think it didn't hurt that bad, otherwise he would have found another position. And how was your Saturday morning?

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