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    Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine and living in Berlin, Yuriy Gurzhy is the founder of the Russendisko, Shtetl Superstars, RotFront and The Disorientalists.


    Yuriy released ten compilations on different european record labels, including the bestselling "Russendisko Hits" (2003) and "Shtetl Superstars - Funky jewish sounds from around the world" (2006), recorded three albums and toured extensively with RotFront. His latest productions are "Who Was Essad Bey?" (2017, with The Disorientalists) and "Bandera. Songs from the HipHopera" (2018).


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    For Europe, which lately seems to tolerate dictators and annexations
    and becomes a home for xenophobia and new conservatism, the eight
    members of RotFront are the Avengers. This Berlin-based band of
    emigrants from Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria and Austria throws at you a
    musical analogue of a Molotov cocktail, mixed from garage rock,
    reggae, ska, hiphop and eastern european folk music. Guaranteed to
    keep not only your legs, but also your brain busy!


    The Disorientalists

    The Disorientalists are Yuriy Gurzhy (RotFront), Daniel Kahn (Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird) and Marina Frenk (Marina & Kapelsky). The three berliners-by-choice joined forces to write and perform a musical based on the life of Essad Bey a.k.a. Kurban Said a.k.a. Lev Nussimbaum. "Who Was Essad Bey?" is a work in progress, performed regularly in the Studio Я of Gorki Theatre Berlin. The album with the same title is released by a Berlin-based record label Oriente

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    Born in UA

    A DJ- and research project on the past, present and future of the ukrainian music. A compilation "Borsh Division - Future Sound of Ukraine" was released by Trikont Records in April 2016.


    You can check out some of my Born in UA mixes on my Soundcloud:



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    YUROSALON 2017

    The stories behind music are sometimes as fascinating as the music itself…

    The guests of YuroSalon, the following bi’bakaudio artist talks, are DJs, musicians, producers and music critics who share their own stories and focus on the metamorphosis of traditional music genres, the challenges that musicians with a migrant background face in their adopted lands as well as the emergence of the new hybrid styles, developed in the diaspora.


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    Bandera. The hiphopera

    Who was Stepan Bandera? In Ukraine everyone knows his name. In the Russian-Ukrainian war, the myth around the partisan leader is revived – on both sides. While Russian television depicts him as a sort of Ukrainian Hitler,he is celebrated as a national hero in Ukraine. Yuriy Gurzhy and Marina Frenk outline their research results as a sort of hip-hopera.

    The Bandera soundtrack was released as a digital album at Balkan Beats Records in April 2018.

  • Compilations


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    Borsh Division - Future Sound of Ukraine

    Selection & liner notes by Gurzhy & Kaminer.

    Trikont. 2016

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    Die Lieblingslieder der deutschen Taxifahrer

    The favourite songs of the german taxi drivers.

    Selected by Kaminer & Gurzhy.

    GMO The Records. 2013

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    Eastern Bloc Funk Experience

    Selection & liner notes by Meadley & Gurzhy.

    Nascente. 2012

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    Revolution Disco

    The anthems of the new revolutionaries.

    Selection & liner notes by Gurzhy & Kaminer.

    Trikont. 2010

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    Russendisko presents: Ukraine Do Amerika

    By Kaminer & Gurzhy.

    Russendisko Records. 2009 

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    Radio Russendisko

    50% audio book

    By Kaminer & Gurzhy.

    Russendisko Records. 2006

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    Shtetl Superstars - funky jewish sounds from around the world

    Selection & liner notes by Gurzhy & Lovas.

    Trikont. 2005

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    RussenDisko Hits 2

    Selection & liner notes by Kaminer & Gurzhy

    Russendisko Records. 2004


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    Soulful Grooves from Russendisko Berlin.

    Selection & liner notes by Kaminer & Gurzhy

    Trikont. 2004

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    Russendisko Hits

    The first Russendisko compilation.

    Selection & liner notes by Kaminer & Gurzhy

    Trikont. 2003

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    The Disorientalists, "Who was Essad Bey?" (signed)

    The Disorientalists, "Who was Essad Bey?" (signed)

    17,00 €
    Als Lew Abramowitsch Nussimbaum 1905 geboren und in Baku aufgewachsen, war Essad Bey ein aserbaidschanischer Patriot, erträumter Ölprinz, vor den Bolschewiken und den Nazis geflohener russischer Jude, muslimischer Konvertit, bekennender Mussolini-Fan und deutscher Erfolgsautor.
    Auf den Spuren der mysteriösen und legendären Figur dieses »Grenzgängers aus dem Kaukasus« rocken die „Disorientalists“ Yuriy Gurzhy, Daniel Kahn und Marina Frenk durch die Abgründe eines bizarren Lebens. Eine biographische Nummernrevue, produziert für und gespielt im Studio Я des Gorki-Theaters Berlin, nun endlich auf
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